We offer a large range of specialized reproductive services including semen freezing, surgical insemination, transvaginal insemination (AIs), transcervical insemination (TCI) and caesareans.

Semen freezing

We offer services to breeders or owners who would like to collect semen and have it stored for future use or to be sent elsewhere for use without the need to send the male there. This means that you can store semen for a large number of years and never lose the ability to have your dog sire more pups. A single collection could potentially be split into numerous mating vials that could be used at separate times or over different females.

Trans-cervical insemination

This offers us an anaesthetic free option for precise insemination using state of the art equipment which ensures a much higher conception rate than traditional transvaginal insemination.

With TCIs, a thin scope with a camera is used to visualise the cervix and a thin catheter is passed through the cervix into the uterus where the semen is directly placed. This means that all the sperm cells are placed in the uterus where they are needed.
During the entire procedure you will be able to be with your animal keeping them calm. You will also get to watch the process on our screen.
After the procedure is finished your animal will go home as if nothing happened and there is no need for wound care.

Surgical insemination

This is usually used for frozen semen, high value or import matings. This is carried out under a general anaesthetic. Your animal will have a small wound similar to a spey wound. Even though this is more invasive, this procedure carries the highest conception rate.