Reproductive Services

Veterinary Associates has been at the forefront of companion animal reproduction in New Zealand for many years. We are Auckland’s leading canine reproduction clinic

The Services provided include:

  • Reproductive health checks
  • Fertility examinations for both males and females
  • Ovulation timing – progesterone testing and interpretation
  • Semen evaluation including motility assessments, full sperm counts and morphology
  • Artificial insemination (fresh, chilled and frozen)
  • Semen collection & freezing
  • Chilled semen services
  • Storage of canine semen
  • Frozen semen implantation
  • Import and export of semen including customs clearance
  • Infertility management
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
  • Trans cervical insemination (ultra uterine insemination by means of endoscope guided catherization)

Semen Freezing

There are huge benefits when using frozen semen including:

  • Semen can be stored indefinitely
  • Semen can be imported and exported easily
  • No need to keep a male stud dog
  • No long distance travel to stud dogs
  • Huge potential to improve the New Zealand gene pool
  • Can prolong the breeding life of a particular stud dog – even once he has passed away!

What does it all involve?

Semen is collected from a stud dog. It is generally necessary to have a female dog in season to use as a “teaser” to stimulate the male. Once the semen has been collected it is evaluated macro and microscopically. If suitable, it is diluted using a proprietary diluent/extender which protects and nourishes the sperm during the freezing process. Once diluted, the semen is divided into pellets and is then frozen according to a strict protocol using liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees C. The semen can be stored indefinitely at this temperature.

Frozen semen needs to be deposited directly into the uterus and is therefore inseminated surgically or by TCI. Success rates for frozen semen implants typically vary between 70 and 80%. Timing is the critical factor. It is necessary to run a series of progesterone tests to determine the optimum time for insemination.

Importing and Exporting Frozen Semen

If you are importing semen into New Zealand from Australia then follow this link: Importing Frozen Semen

If you are exporting frozen semen from New Zealand to another country follow this link: Exporting Frozen Semen

If you are unsure about what to do then please contact us before you just go ahead. Mistakes can be very costly!!

To find out more send us an email.