Vaccination Is Important

Dogs have often been described as man’s best friend, however, just like man dogs are susceptible to contracting contagious and infectious diseases. Nonetheless, ensuring that dogs stay free from diseases of any kind is a responsibility that lays solely on the dog owner. With the aid of vaccinations not only do dog owners protect their dogs, they in turn protect the dogs which could come into contact with their dog from contracting contagious diseases.

What is a vaccine?

The simplest definition of a vaccine is simply the injection of a small amount of an infectious disease into an animal to stimulate the immune system to develop antibodies to help fight such infectious disease quicker in the future. The administering of a vaccine can be done here and information is readily available at our clinic. Forming a good relationship with your vet can be extremely beneficial to a dog owner. Our vets are known to give excellent information, offer resources, guidance and customer centric services.

Why have your pet vaccinated?

Vaccinations play a crucial role not just in preventing infectious diseases but also will help in avoiding costly treatments which could otherwise have been prevented. The quote, “prevention is better than cure” should definitely be a factor behind every dog owner’s mind when making costly decisions, especially in regard to vaccinations or any other disease preventative measures for their dog. Vets are often courteous enough to take the extra mile by monitoring when your dog will require a vaccine and what type of vaccine they need. You risk your dog’s life and that of those it may come into contact with should you not vaccinate. The initial cost is worth the benefit of not having your pet at risk of contracting many deadly and debilitating diseases

What vaccinations are needed?

The main vaccines recommended for dogs include those against canine parvovirus, canine adenovirus and canine distemper. Other vaccinations that may be recommended for your dog include: parainfluenza virus, Bordetella bronchiseptica (these 2 viruses are known to cause kennel cough) and Leptospira interrogans.

We use Vanguard 5+ at Veterinary Associates Takanini to cover these diseases and also routinely vaccinate with leptoguard. Although kennel cough is most easily spread in high density areas, it is not limited to kennels, and dogs can get this infectious disease from other dogs while socialising during activities such as walks.

Dogs will always be mankind’s loyal companion and definitely the most sought-after pet for most people. Therefore, giving your dog the care and attention it rightfully deserves is a small token of gratitude we as people can show for their unreserved loyalty and companionship.