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Stem Cell Treatment

Does you pet show any of the following?

If you answer yes to any one of these questions then your pet might be suffering from severe pain caused by arthritis.

The use of stem cells provides an extremely exciting new option for  treatment for many conditions; especially arthritis which has traditionally been managed with drugs to alleviate pain.   At Veterinary Associates we use the most up to date equipment and techniques to harvest and activate stem cells.

Stem cells are present in all of us including our pets. These cells are present from birth. They have not yet differentiated into the specialised cells like muscle, cartilage or nerve cells. All the cells in our bodies originally started life as stem cells.

Stem cells are special cells that lie dormant in our bodies in various tissues and blood just waiting to be activated, usually as a result of trauma or injury.  Once activated, they release potent anti-inflammatory factors to help minimise inflammation and pain.  They can also help to repair damaged tissue.

It was previously thought stem cells were found mainly in placenta and new born tissues. It is now known that these stem cells occur in high numbers throughout our bodies. Some body tissues have much higher concentrations of these dormant stem cells than others.  Animals have high concentrations of stem cells in fat tissue. We are able to harvest this fat tissue and activate millions of stem cells in our special laboratory.

The procedure requires a short general anaesthetic  to collect the fat sample.  The fat along with some blood is run through several processes to concentrate and purify the stem cells.  Once concentrated and purified they are activated and ready for implanting back into the patient.  The cells are usually injected directly into the arthritic joints. We also inject some of the cells intravenously. These cells spread throughout the body, helping to repair any other damaged tissue.

The procedure takes about 8 hours from start to finish. Patients are admitted in the morning and they can go home later that day.

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Stem cell therapy is not a cure-all. Most cases experience significant improvement.
The results range from mild to amazing!  Some patients can come off all medication and live drug-free. Others experience less pain and greater mobility.  Thousands of dogs, cats and horses have received stem cell treatment. Studies have shown that 80-90% of dogs had an improved quality of life

Arthritis is the number one cause of chronic pain in pet dogs and cats. For some it is a crippling disease that can result in euthanasia.  Medical treatment focuses on reducing pain and slowing the progression of the disease with anti-inflammatory drugs.  Surgery such as a hip replacement may help in some situations.  Stem cell therapy offers a less drastic alternative. By stimulating repair and regeneration of the damaged joints we can improve quality of life significantly.

If you think your pet might benefit from this revolutionary new treatment please giver us a call.

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