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Exporting Animals Overseas

Examination and certification of dogs and cats for export to Australia.

All animals exported to Australia are required to undergo a veterinary examination by a MPI certified vet within 5 days of departure.

Export certificate forms can be purchased from the clinic at any time or we can refer you to a licenced exporter who can take care of everything for you. Please note that export certificates are official government documents and can only be completed at our clinic in the presence of our export certified vets.

Prior to the veterinary examination, owners are required to make a statutory declaration in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or they can sign the export declaration at our hospital on the day of the examination. In other words, if you the owner are present at the time of the examination, then there is no need for a JP statutory declaration.

At the time of the veterinary examination, this signed form must be presented to our vet by the owner or the exporter acting as the owner’s agent. We will verify the details on the declaration. ALL ANIMALS GOING TO AUSTRALIA MUST BE MICROCHIPPED.

During the examination we will perform a general health check, verify the microchip number, deworm the animal and apply an approved flea treatment.

Depending on whether your pet has been in New Zealand since birth, we might need to get some blood tests done before the animal is able to be exported. Please call us if you are unsure.

All our vets are MPI certified. We will examine the animal and complete the certificate allowing your pet to travel, provided all conditions are met.

Export to the UK

Recently the UK relaxed quarantine requirements for cats and dogs entering from New Zealand.

Prior to travel, pets must be vaccinated against rabies. There is no longer a need for a blood test. The dog needs to be vaccinated at least 3 weeks before being exported.


All documentation must be correct.

Please call us for specific details or advice.


For all other countries we are able to provide a general certificate of health and certify your pet “fit to travel”.

Many countries have very specific entry regulations. please refer to the NZ biosecurity website for details for specific countries.

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Due to the current government announcement, as of December 3rd, our clinic will be following the Red COVID protection framework.

We ask that clients adhere to the following safety measures:

  • Please do not attend the clinic if you are unwell.
  • It is now a requirement that all clients entering our clinic are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (if eligible).
  • Please wear your face mask or present your face covering exemption card.
  • Please check-in via the QR codes around our clinic for contact tracing purposes.

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